Statement on the war in Ukraine


To all the people who suffer from the Ukraine war

From the International Society for Psychological and social approaches to Psychosis,

In our thoughts we are close to all the people who are now suffering greatly from the horror of the terrible war in Ukraine. We admire the bravery with which the Ukrainian people are defending themselves and we support the hospitality and generosity of the surrounding countries.

Of course, ISPS cannot remain indifferent. In the spirit of ISPS, we oppose repression and condemn the violent action of any despotic leader. The humanitarian tragedy is on everyone’s mind. We realise that this war will have a disastrous impact on the mental health of many people, not only the people who are attacked but also people who are sent to the battlefields to attack, and their children and grandchildren on both sides of the conflict.

We hope that people from Ukraine, from Russia and from elsewhere in the world manage to end this war. May everyone have the moral courage to do what is right.

The Executive Committee of the International Society for Psychological and social approaches to Psychosis (ISPS EC)

PDF of the EC statement on the war

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